Smiley French Bulldogs consists of Dan & Lisa Smiley a Husband & Wife Team located just north of Pittsburgh Pa.

We first discovered the french bulldog back in 2015 while pet sitting for a client of ours.  We always had golden retrievers, who we loved and admired their sweet nature. However, as much as we loved the breed we felt that a smaller dog would better suit our lifestyle these days.  So we set out in search of a french bulldog puppy after years of searching and researching about the breed we finally found Hazel our very 1st frenchie, fawn black masked little girl. We fell so deeply in love with her we knew we had to have another. Thats when we found our Finn, also fawn black masked  little boy. 

Wanting to do everything right we decided we were going to start attending meetings at our  local kennel club. Before we knew it, we were attending confirmation classes and decided to become members (which was no easy task) But with the people we have met, the knowledge that they share and the friendships we have made it has all been worth it.  

We started showing our frenchies the spring of 2019 and become active exhibitors, we look forward to finishing and breeding our own champion show dogs.

Today we are active members of the Beaver County Kennel Club and  French Bulldog club of America.

Although we are new into the Frenchies, We have over 20 years experience in breeding golden retrievers along with vet tech experience .  We are extremely committed to the health testing of all our frenchies we strive for a balance of health, temperament and quality in all of our breedings.  All of our Frenchies are AKC registered and our actively exhibited in that venue.  We take great pride in our frenchies and in their show ring successes, but admire them above all else for their companionship and for the love that they give, as they are first and foremost our beloved pets.


                                                                                                     Dan and Lisa Smiley

                                                                                                          Smiley's French Bulldogs

This is our Cindy Sue at 3 months old

This is our Cindy Sue at 3 months old